London Metropolitan Business School
London Metropolitan Business School

The founders have a versatile history in various countries and industries.


Junaid is an MBA from London Metropolitan Business School  and has 16 years of experience working with multinational companies such as Dixons retail in the UK, IFFCO and Jumbo Electronics in the UAE. With an illustrious career path comprising of quite a few noteworthy mentions.  

Setting up collaborations for Livedrive and Dixons to launch online data storage as a product, setting up training modules for the retail and back office staff to optimise performance.  Redeeming a sick unit for IFFCO Frozen foods department through dedicated market research and redeploying the brand through effective image corrections to achieve BEP within 4 months.  Successfully handled the revenue by Heading the Marketing wing of Jumbo electronics, planning the marketing calendar comprising of ATL and BTL activities, initiated the concept of selling branding space for marketing support, coordinating with three agencies for Digital, print and media buying to achieve favourable branding and launching an interactive Ecommerce website. 


Binauti is an MA in International Business form London Metropolitan Business School and has 14 years of extensive experience with research, finance and international business. 

With a steadfast career path from handling the finance projections of a construction company in gujarat, to assessing demand and coordinating export of dehydrated food products internationally to the USA, UK, Lebanon and South Africa. 


We have been consulting for industries across countries comprising of an experiential marketing company and a recruitment agency in the UK; a plastic manufacturing firm, an equity and commodity broker and a construction company in Gujarat; a logistic company, an Education consultancy, a facilities management company in Bangalore, an events company in Singapore.