Business Planning process

PI Consultants have been helping clients navigate the path ahead through an effective well written business plan.

Don’t believe anything that is not written down, said everyone. A well written business plan is as good as a  roadmap of the business. Using the roadmap, you will know the strategy to use and when to use it. The Plan helps you define the clear road for execution and also allows you to get it right that first time you try it.

We study the past and work in the present to predict the best possible future by measuring all possible contingencies of a business with regard to individual departments and decisions that can be taken. 

Most investors want to know what your business plans are before they invest. With a business plan, you become investor-ready since you would have gone through the preparation and have a plan B option if things go wrong.

A business plan offers you a chance to communicate better with not only the investors, but also internally with your partners, staff and agencies.

You need ample time to develop a business plan, but at PI Consultants, we will help you create a business plan tailored to your business needs. We know the importance of a business plan and we don’t just stop there, we offer you a step by step business plan guide with milestones that need to be achieved, business coaching and business consulting services to help you improve your business and increase ROI.

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We make sure the business plan covers the company overview, products and services, financial projections and investments, strategy and execution, management team, market and competitive analysis and operating plan among other things. You don’t need to write your business plan while we are here to help, let us help you and even better offer you consulting and Business process optimisation for scaling and starting your new business.

Components of Business Plan

When you pitch your ideas to investors, you need to have a comprehensive, reliable and professional business plan. That being said, there are a variety of business plan components that need to blend together in order to impress your potential investors. Knowing the elements of a business plan can indeed help you create a very good proposition. The contents or components of a business plan will differ from one industry to the other, but there are some important things that are always a part of any robust business plan.

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company & Business Description
  3. Product & Services Line
  4. Market Analysis
  5. Marketing Plan
  6. Sales Plan
  7. Legal Notes
  8. Financial Considerations
  9. Appendix
Executive Summary

Sharing an executive summary is important since it shows the knowledge and expertise the executive team has for this type of work.

Company & Business Description

It’s important to talk about your company and what it has to offer. This is one of the core contents of a business plan, and it also brings in the information and content that you would need. 

Product & Services Line

It’s important to use these elements of business plan too. The idea here is that you want to show the type of value that can be provided by your organization and the quality that you can bring to the table. Talk about what makes your offer stand out, you can also talk about your suppliers.

Market Analysis

Another one of the core elements of a business plan is the market analysis. You want to use statistics and data to show the market you can address and how you can fulfill its needs. At the same time, you also want to study the competitors. You want to show what challenges come from the competitors. It just makes the entire process simpler and easier to manage.

Marketing Plan

One of the main contents of a business plan is definitely the marketing system and approach you want to use. It’s imperative to outline how you want to promote your business and what costs you can expect. That alone will help you identify your promotional budget for the upcoming weeks.

Sales Plan

For this section, you want to outline your sales approach and how you want to acquire new customers. This is also the place where you want to talk about what pricing system you use, how you charge customers, any costs related to that and so on. The more you cover regarding the sales approach, the better the results you can get.

Legal Notes

It is a good compliance measure for you to list down what legal considerations your business needs to keep in mind for its core operating procedures? List all government registrations, permits, health codes, insurance requirements, and zoning laws you need to address and how you have addressed or will address them.

Financial Considerations

Ideally you need to focus on financial projections too. Sharing some ideas regarding your finances can make a huge difference. It will show investors the type of revenue they can expect based on their investment. At the same time, it’s also a great way to prepare for a potential small business loan.


These are optional charts. feel free to include or excuse the necessary ones. 

Floor plans


Org charts

Financial charts

It’s very important to create a comprehensive, professional business plan. All of these elements of a business plan are always going to help you shine and take things to the next level. That’s why you want to address the situation properly and ensure it all works exactly as expected. There are obvious challenges that can appear, but with the right planning and business plan structure you will be able to gain the investor attention in no time!