What is Branding? What makes a Brand? Time tested questions asked in marketing circles. The answer lies in asking the right questions. We at Professional Indian Consultants, ask all the right questions and then more. 

The process of successful branding is to understand your brand before giving it life. A considerable amount of research goes into identifying the archetype and market positioning before even beginning to design the logo, defining the colours, typography and Tone of Voice. 

The elements that define a successful brand are varied and complex. The brand has to resonate the product or service offered with empathy. The target market segment has to be emotionally invested in the brand through visual cues that stand out in the logo, colours, font and tone of voice.

We employ a team of branding professionals consisting of brand strategists, graphic designers, web developers, software developers, psychology majors who can feel the pulse of your brand and design it well to communicate it to the desired audience.

What does branding consist of.
    1. Name
    2. Vision
    3. Essence
    4. Territory
    5. Positioning
    6. Offering
    7. Values
    8. Personality & Attributes
  2. BRAND ASSETS – Overview & Visual Identity (Brand Guideline)
    1. Logo Ideation
      • Reasoning and derivation of the logo
      • Space + Architecture + Stacking
      • Primary and Secondary Logo (Vertical, horizontal, Reverse, etc)
      • Dimensions / Logo Sizes
      • Logo usage
    2. Primary Typeface
      • Typesetting + mock-ups (Correct / Incorrect usage egs)
    3. Secondary Typeface
      • Typesetting + mock-ups (Correct / Incorrect usage egs)
    4. Digital Typeface (Correct / Incorrect usage egs)
    5. Logo Typeface
    6. Special Occasion typeface
    7. Color Palette
      • Brand Colour
      • Primary palette
      • Secondary palette
      • Neutral palette
      • Special Colours
    1. Poster Communication template
    2. Letterhead
    3. Invoice
    4. Notepad
    5. Business Cards
    6. Folder print file and mockups
    7. Envelopes
    8. Carry Bag 
    9. Document Folder 
    10. Takeaway Greetings
    1. Overview
    2. Logo adaptation
      1. Logo animation / musical logo – basic one required
      2. Usage / recommendations
      3. Page loading variant – to be used in website as a loading screen
    3. Digital Typeface
    4. E-signature
    5. Email template for campaigns
    6. Social Media Branding (SM)
      • Logo Adapts
      • Cover pic rules for FB+Twitter+Instagram+LinkedIn+Pinterest+Google + YouTube
      • Web banners
      • SM Branding inclusive of nomenclature etc.


The difference between marketing and sales has confused many individuals who might not see it in the right perspective. A Sale is a record of a transaction which is the result of marketing done well. An activity of getting your product or service out there for all to notice and acknowledge. We undertake all levels of Marketing, digital and traditional.

Digital Marketing would comprise of the online space and all digital mediums such as Radio and Television. With regard to traditional print media such as newspapers, magazines and hoardings, we can make that happen. We give you the best strategy relevant to your brand, based on competitive intelligence. Our Media buying team takes care of the inventory and gets you the best prices in the industry. At times for certain brands we go the experiential marketing route as well.

Internet marketing covers SEO, Google ads, Google analytics, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Linkedin ads, to name a few. Also, we work closely with other display marketing platforms in the B2B space to get those special eyes on your brand.

For some clients who want to go one step further to secure their brand presence we also offer a Digital Transformation Service which would be the stage between Branding and marketing.